Friday, April 15, 2011

TNEL Day 38: "black cars look better when they're free"

As Rich returned from the mechanic this morning with our car (we were getting the snow tires off, wipers replaced, just little things), I thought how grateful I am for our lovely 1999 Acura EL.

The main reason I'm grateful for it is that it was a gift. Our friends R. and M., who attend our church, gave it to us. They both drive 40 mins in to town every day in separate vehicles, so they need reliable ones. A year & a half ago they decided to buy a second SUV to replace M.'s car ... so they GAVE us the car. Our 1989 Corolla was working great but was nearing forced retirement, so the timing was amazing.

And so was the grace. I mean, you don't often hear of people giving other people cars. What can you say to that except thanks?

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