Friday, April 01, 2011

TNEL Day 24: "a time to laugh"

It being April 1, I was tempted to post something about being grateful for my plastic surgery or my recent lottery win or something, but I thought I might start some unpleasant rumours, not to mention having friends and relatives come out of the woodwork asking for loans ... :-)

I really am thankful for April Fool's Day. It's great to have a holiday that just involves silliness. Allison goes to youth group Friday nights, and they got a notice saying that tonight they have to bring a bicycle pump, a bathing suit, and a snorkel. Hmmm, sounds suspicious to me ...

Speaking of Allison, ever since she started school, April Fool's Day has been a well-kept tradition in our house. She has come to expect that when she gets to school she will find her backpack and lunch bag full of silly things. Now that she's getting older and a bit more self-conscious, I've assured her that if she does NOT want to keep up this tradition she should say so ... but she just smiles.

That being the case, I hope she likes the plastic bat in her clarinet case, the purple toy puffer fish in her binder, the toy wrench in her pencil case, the plastic bun in her sandwich container, and the grape tomato in her container of orange slices. Hey -- what's not to like?

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