Monday, February 11, 2008

Richard runs off with another woman ...

... and just before Valentine's Day, too! Like, what's up with THAT?

The truth is ...

Yesterday Rich went in a Kingston Roadrunners' Association 5k race. It's called the Twosome Run: a male and female runner can enter as a team, and they are placed in an age group according to their combined ages. Runners can also enter as singles (though they don't qualify for medals), which is what Rich has done the past couple of years. But yesterday at church he was talking to Jonathan's Sunday-School teacher, who was planning to go in the race, so they entered as a team and came first in the 80-89 (combined) age category.

Congratulations Rich (and Heidi)!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

a midwinter lament

Now, winter can be lots of fun,
But will this snow EVER be done?
There's this big yellow ball
That won't come out at all.
Haven't seen it for days--it's the SUN!