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I write regularly here at Little House on the Circle, occasionally guest-post elsewhere, and also write fiction and poetry.

My story "Poor Sad Soul" won the Christian Courier short-story prize in 2010.

My story "End of October" was a finalist (top 8) for Ruminate Magazine's Van Dyke Short Story Prize in 2016.

My writing has also appeared at the following places:

Relief :

Poem: "Lakeside, with Jonathan," Spring 2018 issue (print)

Barren Magazine:
Poem: "Coyotes" September 2018

Fathom Mag: 
Poem: "Seen" August 2018
Flash fiction: "Glimpse" December 2018

Reader's Note in Issue 40, Fall 2016 (print)

Poem: "duplication on chromosome 16"

Bangor Literary Journal:
Poem: "Daylight Saving" in Spring's Bride collection, Easter 2018

The Perennial Gen: 
"The Solidarity of Intergenerational Friendships" 
"The Never-Empty Nest" 
"My Teenage Fashion Fail"
"Not Just a Scone"

The Babylon Bee:  
"Woman Admits She Envies Those Who Don't Have It All Together"

Ellen Stumbo: Hope and Encouragement for the Special Needs Parent:  

"Do it for Jesus: except Jesus doesn't scream when told to get ready for supper"

Bronwyn Lea:  

"Where is Your Peace?"

Tim Fall: Just One Train Wreck After Another: 

  "What would Jesus do? Asking the wrong question" 
"The Right Teacher at the Right Time" 

  "Whose Fault?" 
 "Pageboys and Princes"

Two poetry-photography collaboration posts with Adriana at Classical Quest
"The Choice"

The Poetry Blackboard (poetry site curated by Helen Humphreys, Kingston Frontenac Public Library's poet-in-residence): 

"Mass for a fallen leaf"

Long Creek Baptist Church blog:
"30 is the new 40: taking the bypass"

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