Tuesday, November 22, 2011

good friend

On Saturday I took Jonathan to his Extend-a-Family Saturday program. Allison, who came with me, also met up with one of her friends from Quintilian Social Club -- a high-school girl with special needs. The girl's mom was with her and raved about what a nice girl Allison was, what a good friend Allison was to M., how she'd love to have Allison over to their house, etc. That really made me proud as a mom. It is one thing to have your child praised for accomplishments, but it is even more special to have someone say "Your daughter is a good friend." Allison does not really see handicaps or judge that anyone is better than anyone else. And that's a great gift.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

sure shot

So proud of Jonathan today! His teacher said that his class (gr 4/5) was playing basketball in the gym during phys-ed. Unfortunately for the last year or so Jonathan has had a phobia of the gym which is sad because he used to love the gym so much and his fear really hinders the enjoyment he derives from all things ball-related. But today he ventured away from the sidelines a bit, so the teacher told the other students to let him participate if he wanted. A classmate threw him the ball and he immediately sunk a basket. The class went wild!