Friday, April 08, 2011

TNEL Day 31: Simple tastes #2

Today Allison is home from school because she decided not to enter the regional science fair which is going on today at Queen's. So she and I took Jonathan to school and then walked over to Tim Horton's for a donut and a drink. Then we walked to the library and took out some books and dvd's. Now she's sitting on the couch reading, and I'm catching up on email and giving some serious thought to marking some assignments. A day like this makes me realize that just as I mentioned a couple of days ago that Jonathan enjoys the simple pleasures of life -- I do, too. I don't really need a lot of entertainment or change in my life; I like things quiet and steady. And I think that's fortunate because our family life just doesn't allow for a lot of travel or change or new experiences. And while I do at times wish things were different -- e.g. I imagine how our lives would be different if Jonathan did not have the challenges he does -- I really try not to obsess about that because it's not very productive focusing on the "what ifs". I really try to live with what is, which is essentially what this blog series is about, I suppose.

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