Monday, April 04, 2011

TNEL Day 27: "Refrigerator Rights"

Today I'm thankful to see yet another note on my blog from my good friend Lori Hellinga! We met way back in 1990 or so when she & Bruce started attending our church. We scheduled a coffee "date" and we've been friends ever since. They live in Waterloo now so we don't see them nearly as much as we'd like -- and now they're in Holland for several months. Ironically, though, we're keeping in touch far more frequently now through our respective blogs; I know way more about their day-to-day life in Holland than I did about their Waterloo life! So that's been an up-side to the distance between us. Rich and I once read a book that asked us to consider who we have "refrigerator rights" with -- in whose home would we feel comfortable just opening the fridge and looking for what we want? There really aren't too many people I feel that way about but Lori & Bruce definitely fit into that category. When we get together, even if it's only every couple of years, we are totally at home and at ease. So no matter how many miles or years come between us we know we will always stay friends. Unless they get a padlock for the fridge, of course ... that would be a deal breaker. :-)

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