Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday morsel: "there are no 'big' lives" (from Micha Boyett)

Micha Boyett is one of the bloggers I follow; in fact her former blog, Mama:Monk, was one of the first Christian blogs I started reading on a regular basis.  She has just published a memoir entitled Found:  A Story of Questions, Grace, and Everyday Prayer, which I'm very excited about reading (when I get it:  it is already out of stock at Amazon!).  The following excerpt is not from her book, but from a recent post entitled "Just as I Am" on the OnFaith blog; here she reflects on what she learned -- as an exhausted mom, weak in faith -- from her visit to a monastery:

"I began to notice that my life was small like the monks, full of motion and monotony, and also goodness. My life was valuable. And as I discovered its value, I began to believe I was known by a God who loves small things, a God who calls the daily repetition of my life sacred, despite my unimpressive spiritual resume. I began to believe that there are no 'big' lives. Everyone is ordinary. Everyone is living the same minute, the same hour as I am. We all walk through our days as they’re given to us. We all choose, moment by moment, whom we will be and how we respond to the time we’re given."


  1. Thanks for bringing Micha's words here to the blog, Jeannie. I love her take on how we all deal with the ordinary. We worship a God who created the ordinary.

    1. That's one of the biggest lessons I've learned in life, Tim! We want to do big things for God -- and then we come to realize He is the one doing big things for/with/in us, in our own little lives. I think this is why I kept on reading Micha's blog when I discovered it: that honesty and authenticity about life and faith.


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