Monday, April 28, 2014

Monday morsel, repeat edition: "Home"

I almost forgot to post a "Monday morsel" for today!  We were in PEI this past week and I hadn't given it any thought.  So I'm posting a pre-used morsel today.  (I could call it a regurgitated morsel, but that would be gross.)  

This one is from last year:  I wrote it after our last trip to PEI in August 2013, and other than the part about sitting outside under the tree (it was way too cold for that this time!), it pretty much still holds true.


"Home" (from August 2013)

We arrived home Saturday night after a three-week vacation in PEI with my parents and family.  We had a lovely time:  plenty of sunshine, laughter, relaxing times under the chestnut tree, and ice cream (Peanut Butter Sensation from ADL dairies is my new best friend).

In spite of the great time we had in my childhood home, it also felt really good to get back to our family home in Kingston last night and to putter around this morning with our own stuff and our own routine.  So my small "morsel" for today is this excerpt from the song "Finally Coming Home" by the group Shores of Newfoundland.

And as I walk along
The long and winding road,
I remember every rock and tree
And I don't have far to go.
I'll soon sit in the kitchen
With the family that I know;
Oh, nothing beats the feeling
Of finally coming home.


  1. That is absolutely lovely, Jeannie. Then again I am a firmly constituted homebody!

    Have a great time with the fam,

    1. Just like your alter ego, right? "The folly of not allowing people to be comfortable at home--and the folly of people's not staying comfortably at home when they can!”

  2. Jeannie, This is such a nice quote. When I pull into the drive after a trip of any length I usually say, "Home again, home again, jiggety-jig!" I've been saying this for years.

    1. Me too, Adriana!! I remember doing that with Allison when she was a little one in the stroller. If we came in the driveway and I forgot to say it, she'd remind me: "Pig, pig!"


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