Thursday, November 15, 2012

Trying-to-Remain-Positive Thursday

After Tuesday's hopeful post, it was discouraging to have a big setback yesterday.  Jonathan got up Wednesday morning with a bad cough, so we kept him home from school.  He was perky all morning, but as the day went on his cough got tighter and he seemed sicker.  We were just preparing for supper when Rich noticed he was just staring into space.  And it was the same as all his other seizures:  vacant stare, dilated pupils, rigid, twitchy body, clicking in his throat.  It lasted about 2 minutes and then he drifted into sleep.  Poor, poor Jonathan.  So disappointing after our appointment with Dr. M. and the decision to drop one of his meds.  We'll have to call her today; she'll likely recommend we restart the meds at the original dose.

Still, after going to bed in a miserable state, Jonathan woke in the night and marched into our bedroom and he was just the same old Jonathan, smiling and laughing and making all his usual comments.  We're thankful that these episodes, distressing as they are, don't seem to cause any damage to his brain -- when they are over, he's his old self again.

Stay tuned for (hopefully) some encouraging updates.

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