Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Anyone reading this blog for the last week or so would think we only have one child!  But Allison's still here, doing her thing quietly and being (as usual) a much less squeaky wheel than Jonathan.

Last night we had a funny moment when I picked her up at her social club.  It was board game night, and she and Laura, one of the leaders, were finishing up a game of U-build Monopoly (a new version with all these interlocking hexagons).  I looked down at one of the tiles and thought, "Huh?  How did Allison's name get on this game???"

What I was actually reading was not the name Allison Prinsen, but the French words ALLEZ EN PRISON -- in other words, "Go to Jail."

We had a good laugh when I pointed out how much this looked like Allison's name.  So we have a new nickname for Allison now:  "Go to Jail."


  1. In Monopoly, Jail is often a haven to avoid landing on Park Place with 3 hotels!
    In other words, Allison may be a safe haven for folks under stress... perhaps not yet, but as she grows up.
    Nice thought...

    1. That's funny, Sarah! Even jail has a silver lining.


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