Tuesday, June 05, 2012

a well-deserved honour

Yesterday the principal of Jonathan's school phoned us at home.  No, he wasn't being expelled for bad behaviour (whew!).  She said that "Mr. O," Jonathan's EA, is being given a service award, and she asked us to write a little blurb to accompany the presentation.  Here's what we wrote:

"Mr. O" is a very important person in Jonathan's life.  His consistent presence at school makes Jonathan feel secure and is a big part of why Jonathan is eager to go to school each day.  Mr. O really seems to understand Jonathan as a person, and he has a good combination of gentleness and firmness.  He has patiently and persistently helped Jonathan to work toward his learning goals and to become more independent and social.  Mr. O also does not mind doing a lot of "yellow-blue-red," which is pretty much essential for anyone who works with Jonathan on a regular basis.  We really appreciate all he does for Jonathan and we know he is a wonderful asset to the Rideau School community.

Mr. O -- you rock!

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