Sunday, June 03, 2012

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This past week Allison went on a 3-day trip to Quebec City with the rest of the Challenge students.  This was their big end-of-year adventure, something they've anticipated since the fall; she really seemed to enjoy herself.  It's hard to believe her Grade 8 year is winding down.  The Challenge Program has been a wonderful experience for Allison, and she looks forward to continuing with some of her current classmates in Grade 9 Challenge at Loyalist C.V.I. this September.

This morning we had the Watoto Children's Choir at our church.  We'd never heard them before and it was awesome that Bethel got to host them.  There were about 30 kids and adults involved; their joyful singing and dancing and the colourful costumes they wore were just delightful.  But beyond the performance itself, it's amazing when you see what can happen when one or two people are given a vision or call and respond to that in a practical way.  Watoto's focus is on abandoned and/or orphaned children, giving them families to live in, education, health care, and hope for the future.  It's a wonderful program.

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