Thursday, March 17, 2011

TNEL Day 9: A not-that-bad day after all

After 8 days of cheerful posts it was hard to think of an entry today. Jonathan was a little under the weather last night, so we kept him home from day camp today just to be on the safe side (he had had a bit of the runs and today they were going to the swimming pool; we didn't want to inflict THAT on anyone!). He was not really sick today at all, but he was kind of cranky. I suppose I should say I am thankful he wasn't very sick, but to be truthful I felt cheated of my "free day" and I felt like I got absolutely nothing done, so I really wasn't feeling very thankful.

But tonight I took the kids with me to music practice at church and we had a good time. Just like people say they feel better after strenuous exercise (I wouldn't know), I feel better after singing -- physically and emotionally. Then after we got home my brother Errol dropped in. He is in the Army and is currently stationed in Alberta with his wife Alycia, but he is taking a 5-week intensive French course here at CFB Kingston. So he arrived last night and started his course today. He came by this evening to visit and have a snack; it was great to see him. So the day ended well.

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