Thursday, March 24, 2011

TNEL Day 16: S4W

Every Thursday morning I attend a group called "Something for Women" at Bethel Church. We drink coffee & tea, sample the various treats people bring, catch up on each other's lives, pray for each other, and do a study together. I've been going to S4W ever since we started at Bethel in the fall of 2005. Meeting people at a new church is challenging, but about 2 weeks after we started going to Bethel I met two women who attended this group and who urged me to come. I remember that first sunny September morning, pushing Jonathan in the stroller on the way to the church. Sue, a regular S4W member whom I'd met once before, caught up to me on her bike and walked the last block with me. Jonathan headed off to child care with Phyllis, who has been caring for kids at Bethel for, oh, 40 years or so, and I went to the women's meeting where about 15 friendly women greeted me and made me feel very welcome.

Our group is a little smaller now, as people come and go and their schedules change, but our format is still the same: socialize, pray, and study together. I consider these women my good friends and I look forward every week to getting together with them. So today I'm very thankful for S4W.

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