Tuesday, March 15, 2011

TNEL Day 7: Extend-a-Family

Extend-a-Family is a wonderful Kingston organization that provides programs for special-needs kids and adults and their families. For the last 2 summers Jonathan has attended EAF's day camp program for several weeks, and he'll be doing the same this summer. He also goes to their Saturday programs twice a month and enjoys a day of games and swimming.

They also offer a March Break day camp, so Jonathan's going to that for 3 days this week. He went today and had a fun day with his friends. We're very thankful for EAF because it gives Jonathan a chance to do outings and activities geared to his abilities, and it's a respite opportunity for us.


  1. How's Jonathan doing with his caffiene withdrawals during Lent? :-)

  2. It doesn't seem to be helping -- he's as buzzed as ever!



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