Wednesday, July 30, 2014

"My boy" - a post from the archives

Here is another blog post from my archives:  this was written in July of 2012.


Yesterday I was very grumpy with Jonathan.  Everything he did and said (and how he did and said it) annoyed me, and I couldn't wait till he went to bed.  Then he got up twice AFTER going to bed.  It was hot and sticky and I felt so irritable with him I could hardly stand it or myself.

 This morning he went off to Extend-a-Family camp with a big smile on his face, and I got thinking about how, no matter what, I'm always eager to see him when 4:00 rolls around -- even though he immediately starts quizzing me about whether I've gone to the library and what we are having for supper and whether there will be a newspaper tomorrow and whether it's garbage day and whether he can have Cheesies for a snack and so on and so on.

 EAF camp has many special needs children -- some are verbal, some not; some are independently mobile, some not; some are social, some not.  Without actually comparing people (which is a waste of time), I can't help thinking of all the positive qualities Jonathan has:

- He is affectionate and friendly, not aloof or off in his own world.  He loves to snuggle.
- He takes pleasure in simple things and remembers those simple pleasures months and years after they happen (going for ice-cream with Grandma & Grandpa in PEI, going to McDonald's on the trip out east, doing a giant hockey puzzle at his cousins' house, having hot dogs and sausages at someone's house after church, etc.).
- He can communicate.  He understands everything said to him and verbalizes his own needs and ideas more and more clearly all the time.
- He holds no grudges and keeps no record of wrongs; he only remembers the good things.
- He treats everyone the same regardless of age, ability, or status.
- He is honest.  He never pretends or deceives.

 Anyone who is reading this probably already knows all this.  So really, I guess, I wrote it for me.


  1. He sounds like someone I'd like to sit down and eat Cheesies with. Then again, your whole family sounds like that to me!

    1. You know, I think that is definitely something we should do in the not-too-distant future. If you and your wife ever want to head north to visit those red-coated Mounties perched high in their stirrups, etc., let us know!

  2. I wish I was more like Jonathan, especially the memory for only good things. :)

    1. I know, Laura. Although he does still reminisce about his last stomach-flu bug: "Chicken nuggets -- sick." (Eww.) Thanks for stopping by and commenting today!


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