Wednesday, July 23, 2014

"Money can't give you happiness" (a midweek morsel?)

I forgot to post a "Monday Morsel" this week:  what with going over details for next term's course, getting ready for my final set of assignments, and doing some worship-team planning, it completely slipped my mind.

So I thought that today I'd quote my hairdresser instead.  I've been going to Josie for about two years and besides liking how she cuts my hair, I really like her:  she's a quiet, humble person.  Today we were talking about someone who'd won fifty million dollars.  (Just sit back and think about that for a minute.  Fifty million.)

Then Josie said, "Money can't give you happiness.  Health, and being surrounded by nice people:  that's what makes you happy."



  1. I'm not a fan of haircutters talking to me - I blame it on introversion - but for Josie I'd make an exception.

    1. I agree. She's a woman of few words but she makes them count.


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