Monday, June 16, 2014

Monday morsel: one golden nail

I'm a little slow in posting my "Monday morsel" today, because it's been a busy weekend with family birthday celebrations and because I was preparing my "Twitterature" post for yesterday. But this amazing quote came to my mind recently when I was reading a post at Adriana's blog "Classical Quest", so I shared it with her in a comment. 

Upon his graduation from university, Japanese-Canadian architect Raymond Moriyama received this original poem from his father -- just ten simple words.  (You can read the background story HERE.)

"Into God's temple of eternity, drive a nail of gold."


  1. Wood/hay/stubble, or gold and silver. That's the choice the Bible gives us too.

    1. That's a neat connection, Tim. Whatever we do: architecture, or basketball, or drama, or blogging, or judging, we can do it for God and it will be something lasting.


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