Monday, April 01, 2013

Monday morsel: "the elixir of new life"

I've been reading The Complete Journals of L.M. Montgomery.  She, like her character Anne of Green Gables, was an ardent lover of nature.  I thought this quotation (words she wrote in her journal at age 25) was perfect for spring and for the day after Resurrection Day.

"There is a magic about the spring -- some power that revives half-dead hopes and faiths and thrills numbed souls with the elixir of new life.  There is no age to spring -- everybody seems young and joyful.  Care is in abeyance for a little while and hearts throb with the instinct for immortality.

These days are so beautiful -- mellow and breezy and sweet.  There are no leaves yet but every little brown bud is swelling and in sunny, sheltered spots there is a hint of greenness.  The days are long and the twilights full of a mellow graciousness -- and all the snow is gone, gone, gone!  There are such lovely blue skies and such faint purple mists over the bare hills; and last Friday night I got some tiny pink-and-white mayflowers -- the initial lettering of spring.  It is worth while to live through the winter just to have the spring."


  1. "the initial lettering of spring"

    A wonderful quote for the new-birth we have in Christ.

    1. Yes, I liked that part, too! The fact that she could write so beautifully just in her private journal must be part of the reason she published 20 books!

      (BTW excuse the randomly timed notifications over the past few days -- I finally figured out both my blog and that FeedBurner thingy had the wrong time zone.)

  2. "Care is in abeyance for a little while and hearts throb with the instinct for immortality."

    Love that. I can imagine her journals are wonderful! Thanks for sharing this treat!

    1. What is really incredible is that her SELECTED journals were published in five volumes between 1985 and 2004 (I own all five) -- and now they are starting to put out her COMPLETE journals, i.e. no omissions. I'm not buying those, though; the library will do. :-) But they are really, really good -- an amazing life record.


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