Friday, April 26, 2013

lighting the fire of learning

Today in my inbox I received the regular weekly e-newsletter from Queen's University.  Although I'm employed there, I confess I rarely read much of the newsletter; maybe it's because as an online, off-site instructor I don't always feel closely connected to the campus.

 But I'm very glad I took the time to read this article.  It highlights the university's Inclusive Post-Secondary Education Initiative:  the Faculty of Education partners with H'art, a local art school for students with intellectual disabilities, providing opportunities for the students to attend university classes and receive their Certificate of Learning.  One of the coordinators says, "Our job is about lighting the fire of learning and empowering these students .... This is a meaningful model of inclusion."

Two students are getting their Certificates today.  That makes me proud:  of the students, and of the university's creativity and inclusivity.

UPDATE:  The Kingston Whig-Standard has published an article today (April 30) about the two graduates; you can read it here.

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