Friday, March 15, 2013

Marvellous March Break

March Break is winding down.  We've had a really good week; here are some of the highlights.  And just for fun I thought I'd provide links for the various things I mention here.

- Jonathan has been at Extend-a-Family day camp all week.  He's been having a great time:  two trips to the swimming pool and lots of games, Bingo, puzzles, crafts, music, and other activities with his friends.  We were fortunate enough to receive a grant from Autism Ontario to cover his camp fees, which is a real blessing.

- No March Break would be complete without a trip to Tim's.  Allison and I went on Monday.  March Break always coincides with RRRoll Up the Rim to Win season; Allison got a prize (free coffee or latte) on her first try!  I'm zero for one.

- March Break also involves lots of reading.  We've gone to the library to take out books and to Indigo so Allison could use her Valentine's money (thanks Grandma & Grandpa!).  And I also received 2 books I'd ordered from Amazon:  A Good and Perfect Gift by Amy Julia Becker and No Easy Choice by Ellen Painter Dollar.  These are both bloggers I follow who write on disability issues, so I can't wait to delve into their books.

- My friend Franceen and I went to see a delightful play, "Enchanted April," which is based on the book by Elizabeth Von Arnim, about four disenchanted Englishwomen who rent a villa in Italy and find themselves and their relationships changed by the experience.  It's also been made into an excellent movie

- Allison and Richard and I had lunch at Milestones yesterday; then the two of them went to free skating at the K-Rock Centre.

- March means it's time for the World Figure Skating Championships -- held this year in London, ON.  Our man Patrick Chan is currently in the lead after the men's short program, having posted a world-record-breaking short-program score!  Can't wait for tonight's final!

Coffee, books, skating, dining out, theatre ... what could be better than that?  Happy March Break, everybody!


  1. You've got the best month of March ever!

  2. How fun! Glad I now know that "Tim's" is a doughnut shop, not just a blog!

    I watched the movie, Enchanted April, a long time ago and LOVED it! Oh my goodness -- that Italian villa! Wow. I loved how the beautiful young woman fell for the guy that was nearly blind. And what was the main character's husband's name -- Melesh? Fascinating dynamics in that film.

    1. Yes, "Mellersh" -- I never heard that name before or since. After watching the play I want to re-watch the movie to compare. Going to a live theatre production is so much fun, and I don't do it that often.


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