Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What's in a name?

My name is Jean.  I was named after my Aunt Jean (Dad's sister) and my Great-Aunt Jean (Grandpa MacEachern's sister).
I usually go by Jeannie.
Jean is actually my second name, so doctors' offices and banks often address me as Helen.
One of my brothers calls me Pig.  (You know who you are, Dog.)
Some close friends call me Beaneroo.  (You know who you are, too.)
When I was little, one of my nicknames was "Janie Daley."  (I don't know why:  Mom, help me here!)
I am now often called Mom, Mommy, or Mom.Mom.Mom.Mom.Mom.....

But yesterday Jonathan gave me a new name I'm quite proud of.  I was helping him get ready to go out and he said, "Mom-a-mazing."

I like it!  I think it might stick.


  1. Mom-a-mazing! That is a good one!

    That makes me think of a friend of mine who is Chinese and a mother of six small children. (She's married to my American cousin.) Her friends and family from China call her "Hero Mother".

    I love nick names!

    1. That's a good one too. All moms, all parents for that matter, should have their secret (or not-so-secret!) superhero names.

  2. Yes, that certainly should stick!


    P.S. I tell my kids that I'm the funniest Dad they've ever had. They have never voiced agreement.

    1. You can ask if you're their favourite dad and just hope they say yes....

  3. Heartwarming and of course... accurate!

    1. Ahem - thank you Sarah! You're too kind! :-)


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