Friday, May 11, 2012

thirty-six hex bolts later ....

Today Rich and I spent 2-1/2 hours assembling the new patio table and six chairs that we bought at Canadian Tire earlier in the week.  Assembling things is tedious (and it took longer to remove the yards of bubble-wrap padding from the chair frames than it did to put the chairs together), but we're still speaking to each other.  Finally our new set sits proudly on the deck, waiting to be used this evening for the first time.

It's a beautiful Friday.  The weather forecast predicts sunshine and temperatures in the high teens/low 20s for the whole next week.  Spring is so lovely.  The lilacs (my favourite) have just started to bloom:  this morning I was out for my walk and passed a big bank of purple ones and the beautiful smell almost knocked me over.  Then as I was admiring them, a brown rabbit bounded out from under the trees, stopped and stared at the traffic rushing by on Sir John A. Macdonald Blvd., and then retreated to his safe hiding place.

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