Monday, May 14, 2012

dining 'al fresco'

We are in the full profusion of spring and it is so beautiful.  The grass is lush and green and there are dandelions everywhere.  The ornamental tree next to our deck is full of bees today -- they're happy too!

On the weekend we inaugurated our new patio set by eating outdoors twice.  Yesterday Rich's mom came for supper for Mother's Day and we had barbecued chicken, potato salad, bean salad, bread, and blueberry crisp (actually I think I put in too many frozen blueberries so it was not really very crisp -- more like blueberry moosh).  It was so relaxing to sit outside -- no bugs -- and chat and enjoy the afternoon.

Jonathan was cranky much of the weekend:  not sure why.  Everything we said seemed to be wrong, even when we said what he wanted us to say.  He's back to school today and that's good:  the more structured life is the better he likes it.

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  1. The more structured life is the better I like too!


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