Tuesday, May 27, 2008

writers' group

Last night we had the second meeting of our new writers' group. Three other women and I are going to meet biweekly to share our writing with one another and give each other feedback and encouragement. This was our first evening of reading aloud pieces of our own work. It was a bit intimidating at first but turned out to be a great experience. The stories were all so different but very interesting: one about a young man on a bus who is mistaken for Jesus by a little girl; one about a woman who has an imaginary love affair with a neighbour; one about three train travellers whose stories intertwine; and one about a blue cardigan sweater that falls into a series of different hands. We all got really excited about each other's stories, sharing our impressions and making suggestions. Most of all we got excited about getting back to our own writing! That's the solitary part--but the group provides motivation and inspiration.

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