Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Jonathan's school year winds down

Yesterday I had a meeting at Jonathan's school with his teacher, the vice principal, and the special ed rep from the board--the same folks I met with in January. Jonathan's first school year is winding to a close and it has been a very good one. It's hard to believe it's almost exactly a year since I first ventured into Rideau School to enquire about registering him, and now he is almost finished kindergarten! We discussed his status for this fall, and it looks as if he will probably enter a Senior Kindergarten/Grade One combined class. That allows him to move up with his age-level peers yet still gives him more of a kindergarten environment. It also allows him to go to school full-time right from day one, whereas repeating kindergarten might mean he could only go half-time (if there were not enough kindergartners registered to make up two classes, which wouldn't be ascertained until mid-September). It will be a new challenge for Jonathan but the school will provide support for him and he can work on achieving his own individual goals.

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