Saturday, March 17, 2007

Happy Birthday, Ed!

Richard's brother Ed Prinsen celebrates his birthday today. At this moment he is in Cuba, preparing for his marriage to Mari one week from today.

Ed, you have always been a free spirit, and you continue to surprise us! God bless you as you prepare for next Saturday.

And happy St. Patrick's Day, too!


  1. Very good to see that you're starting a blog, Jean. (Or 'open', or 'create', or whatever...) And my best to everyone at the house in Kingston, from a rather cold and snowy Quebec City.

  2. Mom Mac E.
    Looks like my comment last night didn't make it to Kingston so I'll try yet again. It will be fun watching for news. Happy Blogging!

  3. Hi Mom, it worked great this time. Soon you'll have your own blog.
    (ha ha)


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