Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The solidarity of intergenerational friendships: guest post at The Perennial Gen

Today I'm happy to have a post up at The Perennial Gen -- a new site providing a space for Christian men and women in the second half of life "to cultivate frank conversation about transitions in our faith, culture, church, relationships, vocation, and bodies." I'm writing today about what I consider an important aspect of intergenerational friendship: solidarity.


The solidarity of intergenerational friendships

A number of years ago when my mother was visiting me, we were paging through my photo albums. Suddenly she said, "You’re very lucky to have so many friends. That’s something I’ve always felt I missed out on in my life"

Her words surprised me ....

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  1. Great post. Left a comment at PG.

    1. I appreciate that, Tim - thanks! And I'd encourage you to consider writing something for them yourself. I know you'd have some good insights to offer.


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