Thursday, September 08, 2016

Funny, friendly, feisty, fantastic - FOURTEEN!

This is a big week for Jonathan.

Not only did he start high school (including riding the bus to school for the first time ever!), but he also celebrates his 14th birthday today.

Jonathan continues to be a funny, feisty person who tests our patience yet truly makes us laugh every day. What can you say about a boy who, when a neighbour drives by, yells, "Blue box day!" (your friendly neighbourhood recycling reminder)...

... and who, when you yawn, says "Back to bed." 

... and who gets extremely excited when a seagull flies over, often shouting "Macaroni seagull!" (We haven't figured that one out yet.)

His new EA, who has only been working with him for a couple of days, said to me, "He's so lovely." And really, he is.

We have many of Jonathan's favourite things planned for today:

  • Balloons
  • A new ball
  • A new puzzle
  • A new Wiggles DVD
  • Quiche for supper
  • Chocolate cake for dessert

Have a happy birthday, Jonathan, and a great year. We love you.


  1. Bless him! Happy Birthday, Jonathan :-)

  2. Happy Birthday to Jonathan! To help celebrate, here are the Emperor and friends with a little birthday song:

    1. Whoa! Now THAT's a birthday greeting! Thanks, Tim.

  3. Happy birthday, Jonathan! May the Lord continue to shower your family with abundant grace and mercy, Jeannie.

    1. Thank you Betsy. The challenges are real -- I can't deny those! But focusing on the happy times is encouraging. I appreciate your comment.

  4. awesome, Jeannie. Jonathon, himself and the constant deep love and support for him.

    1. Thank you, Mieke. I can't believe he is 14 ... and that Allison is 18! Time has a way of playing tricks on you.


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