Friday, February 08, 2013

"And since we've no place to go ... "

"... let it snow, let it snow, let it snow."

Today we're having a snow day.  All school buses are cancelled, which means Allison can stay home (though really, she could walk ... really, she could ... naah).  Jonathan has a bad cough, so he wouldn't have been going anyway.  Rich has the day off.  Time to hunker down and enjoy the luxury of being able to stay inside on a stormy day.

In memory of many childhood snow days, I thought I'd post this picture today:  it's not my house, but my family home in Prince Edward Island.  And yes, it does kind of look like Green Gables.  My brother took this photo one morning several years ago.  Last time we were in PEI, I just took a photo of the photo (hence the white spot at the top -- that's the reflection of my flash).  I love this picture.  The light in the windows is so warm, and I like how the tree is standing with a little help from a pole to prop it.

And here's the Little House on the Circle this morning!  The weather doesn't look too frightful in this picture but the forecast is for lots more snow and wind.  It's a great day to be safe and warm inside.


  1. "It's a great day to be safe and warm inside."

    Yes, with a blankie and a cup of cocoa and a not-too-demanding book to read and some family movies on the DVR to watch. That's not asking too much is it?

    And speaking of getting snowed in, it never happens here because we rarely have snow at this elevation in northern California. Here's what my courthouse looks like most days:
    But a few years ago when it snowed enough here to stick, it looked like this:

    Enjoy the day with the fam, Jeannie!


    1. Thanks, Tim. The storm has worsened as the day has progressed, so I think the city is pretty much shutting down for the evening. Unfortunately we just heard there is a big bus crash east of here on Hwy 401. It's one thing to be safe & warm inside, another to have to drive & risk an accident. I hope & pray there are no serious injuries. Thank you for that photo: looks quite stately with snow.

  2. Still staying warm up there?
    Love the pictures!

    I'd love visit PEI one day. I've been reading Anne of Green gables aloud at night to my kids lately. L.M.Montgomery's landscape descriptions are delightful. In the last chapter Anne braved the snowy night to save Minnie May's life. :)

    1. I hope you do go to PEI someday; I'm sure you'd love it. And someday you should read LM Montgomery's journals. They're massive. I own all of them (5 or 6 volumes) and have read them through more than once. She was a very interesting and complicated person. How she found the time to write as much as she did, with all the struggles she faced in her life, is incredible. The journals are quite sad, even pathetic as they move into her later years.

      Thanks for stopping by again! Today is the calm-after-the-storm and the trees look just like the ones in your blog cover picture.

    2. Those journals sound fascinating. I am always humbled by the sacrifice of some of the female writers of bygone eras. Makes my struggles to make time for blogging seem paltry!

      I hope you had a chance to go for a walk in the snow!


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