Friday, August 03, 2012

fourteen is fabulous

We'll be heading for PEI tomorrow and I won't be able to post, so I'll do it today.  Tomorrow, August 4, our sweet Allison turns 14 years old.  She received the above figurine as a grade 8 graduation present, and it depicts her perfectly:  not only her love of books, but even her hairstyle!

Allison is an intelligent, kind, and sweet young lady.  Having Asperger's makes her life challenging at times:  she struggles with feeling out of place, not quite knowing what's expected of her, and managing her emotional responses.  But she is also blessed with an incredible memory, a keen ability to analyze, a great sense of humour, and a gift of writing that shows the depth of emotion beneath her quiet surface.  She is kind to her brother and patient with him above and beyond the call of duty. 

Happy Birthday, Allison -- we love you!!!!


  1. HaPpY BiRtHdAy, Allison!!! Sweet Fourteen to a sweet "Ally-McSnorfle" (did I spell it right? Should there be two ff's) Howabout Ally-McSnorffle. Not to be confused with Ally-McSniffle or even (wait for it)Ally-McSniggle!!! if you're having a good giggle reading this! How about this new name for your Birthday present!!!

  2. Hi Jeannie. After my facebook post. Yes, you are going to PEI. I'm sure it will be wonderful. My pull to go the maritimes travels with you, enjoy for me too. Next year, I hope. Lake Huron is my substitute this year (and it is lovely too).
    When I saw that sculpture, in a small picture at first, I wondered if it was a photo of Allison! because yes, it so depicts her! what a find. I hope she enjoyed it. She is a lovely girl, you certainly should be proud of her and of your parenting of her.

  3. that above post was from me, Mieke. Not from the computer hacker outfit, Anonymous. I just didn't want to sign up with another account. Next time I'll be smart and put my name in the post.


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