Wednesday, July 18, 2012

lazy days of summer

It's hard to believe July is over half gone already!  So far we have had a good month.  Jonathan has been attending Extend-a-Family day camp every day since July 3 and, as in past years, he is really enjoying it.  He looks forward to going every morning and to greeting his special staff friends like Susie and Eric and Sam, and his "classmates" like Ish and Max.  This year they have done lots of water outings -- splash pad, beach, outdoor pool, indoor pool -- so he has enjoyed that.  He's very proud that he now has his own lifejacket.

Allison went to Quintilian Summer Club last week and will go again next week.  During the times she's not at camp we've been trying to plan some fun outings, and we've actually done quite a lot in the last 3 weeks:
- She went to Grass Creek Park beach with her friend Alexandra
- Allison and I went with Alexandra and her mom to see the movie "Brave" (excellent movie!)
- Allison and I went to see "Mamma Mia" (the musical) here in town at the K-Rock Centre
- We drove to Napanee and took Caroline and Cara to a coffee shop for Caroline's birthday
- Rich and Allison went to Canada Day fireworks and to the Buskers Festival
- We've gone to Tim's and to lots of different library branches
So it has been a good summer thus far.

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