Sunday, December 11, 2011

death by Macbeth, times two

They say you only live once, but apparently you can die twice. This past Tuesday, Allison's gr. 8 Challenge class at Calvin Park P.S. performed "Macbeth." Allison had 2 small roles (Macduff's son and Young Siward), both of which involved her being stabbed to death onstage. In one case she was dragged offstage by her feet! The whole class did an amazing job, considering they only had about a month to prepare.

I think what really struck me was how much of a "high" Allison was on after the performance. She was absolutely beaming onstage at the curtain call, and just walking on air for about an hour afterward (despite dying twice). It's neat (and a bit surprising) to see how much pleasure she gets out of acting -- this is definitely something she should pursue as she goes on in school.

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