Saturday, June 27, 2009

time to celebrate


(with 2 of her granddaughters, Cara and Allison)

Last night we had a birthday party for Richard's mom, who turned 75 on June 16. We booked Bethel Church for the evening and gathered for a delicious meal of takeout Greek food and ice-cream cake, followed (and preceded) by lots of fun in the gym. It was a great evening and a perfect opportunity to honour a wonderful lady (who, by the way, surprises many people when they hear her age -- "she just doesn't look it!").
Adding to the specialness of our birthday celebration was our thankfulness for Audrey's health. In early May she had surgery for colon cancer; she recovered very quickly from the operation and found out this week that she doesn't require any further treatment. So we're all very grateful to God for bringing her through this challenge so well.

(Here she is blowing out her candles with granddaughters Kate and Megan)

Below, see the gift we gave her, a photo collage of her kids and grandkids.

- Top left: Richard and Jeannie with Allison and Jonathan
- Top right: Doug and Caroline with Josh, Luke, Corey and Cara
- Bottom left: Ed and Mari
- Bottom right: Mark and Carolyn with Kate, Levi, and Megan.

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