Sunday, April 27, 2008

photo contest

First person to identify this location, I'll treat you to coffee!


  1. looks like the neufelds old place in yarker...

  2. DINGDINGDINGDING! Congratulations! You have won! Yep, it's a photo taken from the bridge in Yarker. (My parents were here and we were doing some sight-seeing.)

    Between services at Bethel I'll go get you your favourite Starbucks brew! Just place your order.

  3. sweet! Actually I've never understood/gotten into the whole fancy coffee thing. I'm still a down to earth black no sugar kindof guy.

    but i little variety can't hurt... suggestions? I like strong...

  4. Sounds like you want the largest espresso available--very black and guaranteed to cause heart palpitations! :-)

    (Yeah I am more of a Tim's type myself.)


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