Sunday, March 23, 2008

UNorthodox Easter??

OK, the above two images are going to take some explaining!
Allison and Jonathan and I attended a children's Good Friday service at St. James Anglican Church. They had children as greeters and Scripture readers, and two girls played a violin duet. The priest invited all of the children forward for a special message. Then after the service, everyone was invited into the parish hall to make a Lenten garden. They had trays full of soil and all kinds of things to put in them: rocks, twigs, shells, pinecones, etc. Here in picture #2 is the garden that we (well, mostly Allison) made. You can see the green clay tomb on the far left, with its clear green stone now rolled away from the entrance to symbolize Jesus' resurrection; note also the yellow butterfly just above the tomb, a symbol of new life.

I thought I should also show a picture of the Easter bunny cake I made today. (Yeah, just call me Martha Stewart.) Jesus risen from the dead AND a chocolate cake--what could be better?

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