Monday, September 17, 2007


They sometimes say that the only constant thing in life is change, but sometimes you just want to say, "ENOUGH!"

This morning I walked Jonathan to school. I spied his teacher, Mme Bordeleau, in the schoolyard (in the middle of a cluster of other adults) and pointed her out to him. Just then the principal approached us and summoned us over to the gathered group. As we walked over, she told us that Mme Bordeleau was leaving.

It turns out that the enrollment for English kindergarten was higher than expected; and since the provincial government wants to cap all primary classes at 20 students, they are going to have two English kindergarten classes instead of one. So there will be a new kindergarten teacher teaching both the Mon/Wed class (Jonathan's class) and the newly-created Tues/Thurs class; and Mme Bordeleau is switching to a different school.

Apparently this has been happening at a lot of public schools this fall, as registrations are always in flux for the first couple of weeks.

The positives in this situation are
(1) that Jonathan was not switched to the Tues/Thurs group. Because he stays on his original Mon/Wed schedule he can still attend nursery school on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, and go to his Thurs. morning church program with Phyllis.
(2) that his class will now be smaller, allowing for more individual attention.
(3) that Mrs. Stewart, who is the classroom EA and a really nice woman, will be staying with the class.

But it's still a huge disappointment to know that Jonathan will not have Mme Bordeleau this year after all. Our association with her was short, but she really seemed like the perfect teacher for Jonathan. The reality is, though, that Jonathan will probably adjust very well. He has only had her for 4 mornings and will probably get used to someone new in no time. Today she gave Jonathan a Blue's Clues stuffed toy from the classroom that he'd been especially interested in. Goodbye Mme Bordeleau--we will miss you!

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