Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!

A very happy Easter/Resurrection Day to all of you!

We had a joyful church service at Bethel today, with a nice mix of musical styles. The children (led by me) began the service with a Lion King-type song called "The Kingdom of God", followed by the hymn "Up From the Grave He Arose". Later we sang "Because He Lives" in a country style, and "O Happy Day" with its African-spiritual flavour. I think we were missing rap, opera, and heavy metal; maybe those are being saved for another Sunday. ;-)

"Laugh with me!
Death is dead!
Fear is no more!
There is only life!
There is only laughter!"
- Eugene O'Neill


  1. In the spirit of "Laugh with me" - here's a true story from the Sunday School of my childhood. One Sunday a young boy asked if we could sing the gravy song. The person leading the children in singing didn't know what he meant, so the boy clarified, "You know - up from the gravy, a rose." That song was everyone's favourite, all year round. I love the connection you have drawn between celebration and laughter. And the children still lead us!

  2. Yes, I've heard the "gravy" thing too--I'd have been tempted to call that an urban legend (Christian legend?) if you hadn't said it was a real memory of yours. Beautiful!
    Kids' mispronunciations are precious: my current favourite of Jonathan's is "Frere Chocolate." Actually pretty suitable for Easter too! :-)

  3. Hi Jeannie,
    I was at that same service yesterday! Pam turned to me at one point during the 'O Happy Day' song and said that she thought we should be dancing in the isles! Too bad our kids weren't there for that song! They would of had us dancing in the isles!

  4. Yeah, Meghan, I think I saw you there (ha ha). It sure was a joyful service. Hope you had/are having a blessed Easter weekend.

  5. Happy 39+th birthday, Jeannie. We've been enjoying your blog. Cara really likes the stuff about Allison and Jonathan. See you Friday night.


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