Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mom & Dad's visit

This past week we had a very nice visit from Mom and Dad. They took the train here and arrived last Friday the 13th (which sounded kind of ominous but turned out not to be :-). Alan and Genevieve and Sadie arrived from London right around the same time the train pulled in, so we had a nice little reunion there at the station. After a beautiful week of weather we were expecting Friday to be rainy, but it was a bonus sunny, warm day and we enjoyed sitting out on the deck for most of the afternoon and even barbecuing (first time in 2011!) for supper.

Everything changed the next day (Saturday): the rain started and lasted for most of the next few days. But we still had a nice time in spite of the rain. Alan and Gen and Sadie were in town till Sunday morning so we could enjoy supper together on Saturday evening -- everyone's favourite, Minos takeout!

Rich wasn't working during most of Mom & Dad's stay, so we took the opportunity to go on a few drives when the kids were at school. On Monday we drove to Gananoque (in the rain) and had lunch there; on Tuesday we visited Audrey, and Mom and I made our obligatory pilgrimage to Value Village; and on Wednesday we took the ferry over to Wolfe Island, had coffee at a little restaurant there, and then took the next ferry back.

They had to leave on Thursday morning already, so the time seemed to slip by very quickly. But we had a good time while they were here, and it makes the time we'll see each other again in August seem less distant.

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