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  1. I noticed your comment on the Trainwreck blog today. You might be interested in my daily prayers. I put them on facebook each day ~ usually around noon.

    Here is one from a few days ago:

    Ah, my Lord God, what a wonderous artist you are. You delight my senses with the gentle touch of a snowflake and the crunch of my feet as I walk among your whited wonder. The wind is cold, but inside I am warm. Oh, look at that Woodpecker. How much fun he is having with that tree. And that squirrel scampering across the snow with something in its mouth; I’ll bet it’s some morsel it buried during the fall. Oh, my, that child has made snow angels, and those children over there are making snowmen. How beautiful and enchanting you made everything on earth, my home.

    Thank you, dear Lord, for loving me with a love so powerful, nothing holds it back. When I sin, you ache, then call me to you. When I ~ with your help ~ convinced someone to become a Christian and saved from Satan, you notify the angels, and we all rejoice together. When I feel lonely, all I have to do is call one of the many friends you have given me. Oh, and thank you for children that remind me of innocent wonder. Even in winter, you are the sunshine of my soul.


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