Friday, October 02, 2009


Here's a little p.s. to the post I published a couple of days ago.

Allison's teacher has told us that Allison has been so much happier and more involved in the last couple of days, since my presentation to her class. Group work is going better; other students are talking to her more and showing more interest in her; and she is smiling and laughing more than ever before. Today Jonathan had a morning field trip, so after school I asked Allison what she did instead of playing with him and she said, "Oh, I just played with a couple of girls from my class." In most cases those would be ho-hum, same-old-same-old words; but for Allison this simple thing--playing with girls from her class--is a major step.

Her teacher also told me that she has arranged for a student from the Autism Program at St. Lawrence College to do a placement in their class for a few weeks in the fall and in the spring. This student can not only assist Allison, but provide resources for the teacher and the rest of the school as well.

Good news!

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