Thursday, June 25, 2009

one chapter ends, we look forward to the next

Today was Allison's last day at St. Joseph/St. Mary Catholic School. She entered this school for Senior Kindergarten in September 2003. Now she's finished grade five and on to a new, bigger school in September. SJSM has been a wonderful place for her to begin her education because of its small size; its slogan is "The Little School With the Big Heart", which is certainly true.
One of the highlights of Allison's grade five year was that she made a friend. Anneli has been in her school for several years but is one grade lower, so they had never been in the same class before. This year they really clicked: they are both quiet, sweet little girls who really seem to enjoy each other's company. Best of all she lives within a five-minute walk of our house so even though they won't be schoolmates anymore, maybe their friendship can continue.

Congratulations, Allison, on your "graduation" from SJSM!

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