Friday, April 13, 2007

Good things come in threes

Today was a BIG DAY for Jonathan:

(1) Blue box day! Due to the holiday Monday, today was our garbage/recycling day instead of yesterday. Upon waking this morning, he rushed to the window, saw the blue boxes and garbage cans out on the street, and cried, "Ba-ba day!" with great joy. The highlight of his week, once again.

(2) Church. On Thursdays I attend a women's group at Bethel; there is child care there so Jonathan gets to come along and see Phyllis, his caregiver, whom he loves. Crafts, snack, and a trip to the gym make the morning complete.

(3) School. Thursdays he heads off to nursery school from 12:45-3:15 p.m. He can't wait to see his teachers, Laurie and Janet--or, as he calls them, "Lauriejanet". When I drop him off, he pushes me out the door before his coat is even off, saying "Grocery store!" (In other words, "Mom, isn't there somewhere that you have to be right now?")

So today, due to an unprecedented planetary alignment or whatever, all 3 things happened in one day. It was a tired but happy guy who crashed into bed at 6:50 this evening.

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  1. Wonderful to hear the joy in your messages! Happy Easter to the Prinsen clan, and Jeannie, Happy Birthday a few days late! Sounds like we'll get some snow tomorrow that is coming from western realms.


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